Cancellation And Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation, if any, should be done at least 1 Day in advance, 2 days in advance for a large / specialĀ orderĀ cake. Some amount may be deducted for preparation already done.
  2. Orders already in process of making, en-route or delivered cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.
  3. Any refund if initiated by The Fat Bakers in respect of cancellation of order by the customer, will only be processed in the form of Gift Voucher/ DAC Wallet. These voucher will only be valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Voucher can only be used once, no refund will be made once the voucher is expired.
  4. If The Fat Bakers cancel all or part of your order, The Fat Bakers will issue a refund to your credit/debit card or bank account in the amount charged for the cancelled portion (only when your card is charged).
  5. All refunds will be made within 24 working hours after satisfactory verification and evaluation.
  6. Any other cancellation and refund will be entirely at The Fat Bakers`s Discretion.
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